How to get free backlinks for your website

It is very important that when you market your website, you be clear on where you should be investing your money and time. Want to know how to get free backlinks for your website then here is the solution to the same.

Analyze what your current backlink profile is

If you have a website that is brand new, then you will see that after some months your website is ready to attach free backlinks. If you got a backlink in the past then send an email, and they can send you a backlink. Ask them for a fresh one. You can still do the outreach process if you do not know anyone, but this is slow and time taking and the chances of success is also low.

Tools that let you get the backlinks

Here are some tools that let you get access to the backlinks.


One of the main parts of Google algorithm is the backlink. So in case, your competitors have a better quality backlink then you stand to lose. With Ubersuggest you can get access to your competitor’s backlink data and this lets you understand their profiles better. It also lets you target the same links

Check My Links

This is an easy to use tool for the backlink for an SEO strategy. One of the best ways to get it is to pinpoint any links that are broken on the other sites and then reach out to the party to replace it with the one that is on your site. This lets you to improve your popularity.

Broken Link Builder

With this tool, it helps to search the web for you and lets you to discover any broken links. Once you get the details you can outreach process and get in touch with the person who will be ready to swap the broken link for yours.


This tool analyzes the popularity of your backlink and also ranks your ranking.


For outreach and link prospecting use this tool. You should access this so you can get the opportunity to create backlinks and get the highest and the natural links.

Ask backlinks from your friends

Start to think of your networks to earn backlinks for free. However, this method will work only if you do it without delay. Do not go to ask for backlinks from websites that are irrelevant or those acquaintances that you are hardly in touch with. Also, when you ask for backlinks then see that it targets a specific product or service and not on to your homepage.

The right way to ask for backlinks from your network is to connect your requests to the goal of your friend. Do not mess up on the details making sure that you come across each message right. Also, make use of your contacts from your organization or from your college friends. You could approach the alumni page to ask or a backlink from them.

Industry website and publication are also great places

Every company would want the major newspapers to write about them and give them a free backlink. But the majority cannot tap this opportunity right away. Also if you are ready to plunge into the publications that are of general interest then they may not be least interested in the niche that you have. So instead of spending lots of your time pitching to these publications you should rather go to the niche of the publication and see which ones are relevant to your business. You may not be able to get your brand name on the top publications right away but the younger ones may be apt to offer one to you.

Your content needs to be repurposed

It is definitely not a cakewalk to create content, but what if once single content can help you to earn many backlinks. This can be done through content repurposing. You need to write a blog that attracts backlinks and also plenty of traffic. Once this is done you are a winner. Also, create a content that is relatable on a different platform that covers the same information as in the original post. Create social media updates that put back to the videos or presentation to the original article


When you get the backlinks then it helps to improve your understanding of your market, it improves your professional networking, improves your expertise in SEO and the likelihood of a lasting backline is high. So now that you understand the benefits of backlinks here are the ways on how to get free backlinks for your website.