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How to Keep Your Loved Ones’ Memories in Ashes

Losing someone is very painful especially if it means permanent loss. We grieve, we try to move on and find diversion just to help ease the pain. But the problem is that, the pain might not subside at all. In order for us to cope with the pain, we often visit the grave which is actually a good idea. Looking at pictures and videos will help us reminisce the good times we had with that person. Still, the belongingness we felt is still there, and it is just too much to bear. Thus, a new way of keeping your loved one’s memories intact has been studied, and they came up with the best idea so far.

We were made through ashes and through ashes, we will go back. This is where the new idea of keeping your loved ones’ memories intact came from. You don’t have to spread your loved one’s ashes in the ocean or mountains. These ashes can already be converted into something more meaningful and memorable, and that is through portraits. You can have the ashes formed according to your preference. An image of your loved one can be made through his or her ashes. You can also make a mosaic out of the ashes. You can have it made in other forms like animals, plants, and a lot more. It actually depends on you. But the question is how this is possible?

With expertise, the ashes of your loved ones can be preserved permanently inside your home. No need to place it inside an urn. You can actually display their ashes and feel their presence every day. There are many companies offering this kind of service. Their expertise will really amaze you. All you need to do is to check their website to know more about their products and services. You don’t have to use all the ashes. You can easily inquire to these companies, and they will immediately give you instructions on how to process your order. The amount of ashes to be used is also indicated in your order once you are able to decide for the pattern and size of your portrait. They even provide you a container for the ashes that will be used to store your ashes safely and preserve it.

Your loved ones deserve the best even if they are not physically present anymore. By having their ashes made into portraits, they will definitely appreciate the decision you made. This will make them closer to you at all times and be present in your home all the time. It may cost you extra for doing this, but it will definitely be worth it. The efforts you make for your loved ones are beyond appreciation. If your family visit your home, they will be happy knowing that there is presence of the loved ones you have lost. Money can never compensate how their memory will be forever preserved not just in your hearts but also in your homes or wherever you want the portrait to be placed.

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