Is there an unlimited multiplier in Slots? 

Recently, you may have come across a few online casino sites that advertise a slot with an ‘unlimited multiplier’! With an ever increasing multiplier, slots like Jungle Jackpots have the ability to award players with absolutely huge sums of money, enough money which would certainly change a players life. 

How Does an Unlimited Multiplier Work? 

Unlimited multipliers work when the player first triggers the slots free spins feature, players must then use the cascading reels feature to their advantage. The unlimited multiplier will increase by 1x for every successful cascading reel. With the free spins, it is not impossible for players to get more than a few cascading reels, though this doesn’t guarantee a huge win it certainly puts players in a good position to win. While unlimited multiplier slots certainly have the potential to change a players life, a big drawback is that it is incredibly unlikely that players will win the money. However for most players it is the anticipation of winning that they enjoy rather than expecting to win it all for themselves. 

Slot Examples 

There are several slot games that feature unlimited multipliers, it is a main feature of developer Big Time Gaming’s Megaways series of slots. These Megaway’s slots feature up to 117,649 different ways to win, they also have cascading reels. There is a huge variety with the Megaway’s series of slots, ensuring that players won’t get bored with the themes. 

Bonanza Megaways 

This is the original to feature an unlimited multiplier, this game set the standard for all following slots in the Megaways series. There is no comparison, this is the most popular Megaways slot on the market. If you are only going to try one slot with an unlimited multiplier then we suggest that you look no further than Bonanza Megaways. Not only does it have a beautiful theme which takes advantage of the modern graphics and animations that it has at its disposal but it also gives players the opportunity to win up to 10000 their initial stake and it has an RTP of 96%, much higher than the average slot. 

Deal or No Deal Megaways 

If you fancy a slot that has a more familiar theme then you should look no further than the Deal or No Deal Megaways slot from developer BluePrint Gaming, who are no strangers to making slots with unlimited multipliers. The slot has cascading reels, free spins and offers an RTP of 95.83%. What makes this game stand out amongst other Megaways games is that it takes the best Megaways features and manages to incorporate them into the game it is based on. Overall this slot is a must play for fans of both Deal or No Deal and the Megaways series. 

In Summary 

In short, yes there is such a thing as an unlimited multiplier. With the increasing popularity of the Megaways series of slots, it is clear that players enjoy slots that have these multiplier features. While most don’t expect to win anything life changing, players can still find a lot of enjoyment from these slots.

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