Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies

Technology is not only constantly changing and evolving, but so too is the way customers and consumers respond to it. As a result, the strategies of digital marketers must continually adapt. We have seen this in recent years with changes in SEO strategy and changes in consumer behavior, especially with regards to social media usage. In this article, we look at the ways popular technologies, such as SMS marketing, are rising to the forefront of marketing campaigns to become some of the top strategies.

SEO is changing with more users than ever embracing voice search as a means of navigating the internet. This has an effect on the keywords used in the SEO strategy and how they are integrated into content. If you wanted to find this article with a text search, you should be able to input ‘digital marketing,’ but voice search is more conversational. It might sound like ‘Siri, what are the best digital marketing strategies for 2020.’ Consider optimizing your SEO for voice-friendly search terms that focus more on long-tail keywords.