10 Digital Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

Monday, 28th September, Mastercard hosted its very first SME Masterclass

hosted by Nancie Mwai, Mandi Sarro, and Sharon Mundia. The three women who are some of Kenya’s most successful influencers opened up about their brands and shared insights on how to best build, market, and manage your brand.

Nancie Mwai is a business owner who runs Shop New Level which sells female

outfits, jewelry, and now her very own body shimmering lotion called Gold Drip.

She shared some of her tips and tricks that boosted her business.

● Have a vision

Think about where you want to be in the future, do not let your current

situation affect what you want to build.

● Plan

Plan and organize well enough to succeed. Think about your business and

what you want to do. Set up structures and get the tools you need because this is the foundation of your business.

● Invest in technology

Investing in the right technology will help propel your business in the right


If you still can’t afford it it’s fine, only when you feel you are comfortable.

Mandi Sarro popularly known an author and founder, Miss Mandi Throwdown.

The YouTuber and long-time radio host of her tips and tricks:

● Quality content

Focus on creating quality content that will engage with your audience.

There’s no formula for getting popular online. Everyone has a unique selling

point so use that to push your brand.

● Consistency

For you to market your product online, you need to be consistent,

show people how to use your product, and make it a weekly thing,

don’t let people forget about your product.

● Build your rate card

Build your rate card based on all the things you will need to make the

magic happen like paying a photographer, buying ingredients etc.

● Work with brands

When you decide to collaborate with brands, find a brand that align with your business. Out of place bran collaborations will also come across as out of place and inauthentic.

Sharon Mundia is a content creator and brand consultant.

She has a Youtube Channel called This is Ess, she has positioned herself as one of Kenya’s premier lifestyle gurus. Speaking about her journey to success, she shared some on the most important lessons she’s taken away thus far;

● Be patient

Everything takes time and it starts small, don’t stress yourself, stay consistent, and wait for results.

● Social media

Don’t mix your personal and business accounts, if its business post it on your

business, if its personal post it on your personal account. Jump on different challenges, stay relevant.

● Study your insights

Study your social media insights and strategize on what next for your business,

who is your audience? What do they like? Such questions are very important for

your business.

Watch the full SME Masterclass with Nancie Mwai, Mandi Sarro and Sharon Mundia here.