What is the gamble option in slots?

Gambling is one of the oldest activities in the history of mankind. It has been dated back to ancient Egypt, Greece and China. While some were forms of entertainment, like the Chinese Mahjong, some were considered to be religious practices, like the Egyptian Senet. Gambling stuck around and evolved into the many casino, card and board games that we play today – visit www.amigoslots.com.

Modern slots are played with a lot of different features that will supplement your play and enable you for big wins. Perhaps the oldest feature there is – gamble is a simple option found in many games. Below you will find out all there is to know about the gamble option in slots. 

Understanding gamble 

In plain and simple English, the gamble is an opportunity for you to play “double or nothing”. The gamble feature will typically enable you to stake your winnings to either double them or lose them. When you achieve a win in the base game or the bonus round, you will get an opportunity to wager the win in whole for 1 of the 2 outcomes. Usually these outcomes are at 50/50 odds, hence the feature being called gamble or 50/50. Some slots will offer you the opportunity to further gamble your winnings for a 2x, 4x, 8x multiplier and so on. 

Gamble presentation 

There is a variety of presentations that this feature can come in. The classic way is a gamble using playing cards. Lets say you have won an X amount of money. You chose to gamble your winnings, so you see a screen come up with a card deck and several options. Now you have to choose whether the card being drawn next is going to be a red or a black one. This is a 50/50 gamble choice and will double your winnings or forfeit them if guessed wrong. There will also be the possibility to guess the suit of the card, which will quadruple your winnings, if guessed correct. Alternatively you could be shown a card and asked if the next one will be higher or lower.