Is Modern Millionaires Course a Scam – Lead Flipping Explained

Is Modern Millionaires Course a Scam – Lead Flipping Explained

Are you familiar with lead flipping? If so, there was probably something that stopped you from checking it out until now. If not, you might be surprised you haven’t heard more about it by now. Either way, you’re in the right place if you want to find out if lead flipping is right for you.

Now, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. We have to clear that up because plenty of people will try to claim otherwise (usually because they want your money). That’s not to say you can’t get rich doing it, but lead flipping is a legitimate way of starting an online business (this website shares a lot of online business ideas if you are interested)..

That’s also where the Modern Millionaires course comes in. Seeing as lead flipping is a real business model, you have to put in some time. And even if you do put in the time, there’s no guarantee you’re doing everything right. The Modern Millionaires course aims to make the process as easy as possible, but does it deliver?

Well, let’s find out and see how it coincides with lead flipping.


The lead flipping process (and the Modern Millionaires course) starts with research. You have to choose a niche before you begin, and the course gives you a list of over 120 niches. Basically, you get the resources you need to start a lead flipping business in any niche you prefer.

It’s easy to get this step wrong, so having some guidance can go a long way. What we mean is leads in each niche have a different acquisition cost. If you go into the process blind, you might end up with a niche that costs more than you’re willing to pay.

Create a website

This is where all your traffic will end up before becoming leads. If you’re not a web designer, don’t worry. The Modern Millionaires course sets you up with tools, some of them free, that make the process easy. Since all your traffic will end up on your website, you’ll benefit from the tips and accessible tools in this section.

Generate traffic

Once you have a website, you need to start sending traffic there. The course will show you exactly how to do that with PPC platforms like Google and Facebook ads. Keep in mind, many first-time business owners compromise their whole operation here but it’s also where you could set yourself up for savings in the long run. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because these platforms are some of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective. 

Convert traffic to leads

This is the step where you get those elusive leads. It’s not always easy, and any business owner will tell you that. If not, well, you might want to reconsider any advice they give you. There are many factors at play in targeting the right people. Luckily, the Modern Millionaires course shows you exactly what to do.

You’ll learn how to get people to take action, which turns them into leads. This can require a nurture sequence, each step of which requires specific detail to things like CTAs. We won’t bore you with every little detail, but you can learn much more in the course.

Flip leads

Now you’ve started generating leads. It’s time to flip them. The Modern Millionaires course sets you up for success because, earlier on, it teaches you how to do cold research before you pay for ads you’d use to sell your leads.

It’s also worth noting that businesses can change their minds at any minute. You might be flipping all your leads to one business, but that source can dry up. The course explains how you can sell leads to other businesses or even multiple businesses.


You might not know this, but you can eventually automate your entire lead flipping business. Seriously. Once you start generating and selling leads on a consistent basis, you can set your business up to run itself.

How? Well, the course explains that. It essentially comes down to hiring one (or two if business is booming) people to handle all the details. All you have to do is check in with some project management tools every so often.

So, there’s your primer on lead flipping. Of course, there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the general process. The Modern Millionaires course covers all this in order, but you get the added benefit of detailed explanations of every step.

Scam? Absolutely not. Legitimate way to make some real money online? You bet.


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