How to Play Online craps at a Casino 

If you look at the size of some of the most successful casino establishments in the 21st century you can genuinely be left completely gobsmacked, as these structures are often outrageously gigantic. Did you know, for instance, that The Venetian Macau is the seventh largest building in the world by floor area? Oh yes, there’s a lot of money in brick and mortar online casinos, so you can only imagine how healthy the online casino industry is.

Online casinos have a major advantage in that they can show gamblers a great time from the comfort of their own living rooms, and that’s why developers have been racing to create online versions of casino games like Superman slot. But did you ever think you would see online craps at a casino? A game that relies so heavily on the throw of dice? You best believe it exists, keep reading for a guide on how to play online craps at a casino. 

When was craps invented? 

Whilst there are arguments between gambling historians as to exactly when the modern form of craps was ultimately invented, people have been using dice for gambling purposes for several thousands of years. In fact, the Roman Empire is alleged to have used dice amongst its soldiers for entertainment purposes, with an Arabian game called Al Dar having existed even before this! 

The seeds for the modern game of craps were sown in the 12th century during the Crusades, when Sir William Tyre is said to have invented it. This early version of craps then spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world in the centuries that followed. An influential US dice maker called John H. Winn is considered to be the catalyst for modern craps, as his version of the game was the one adopted by Las Vegas casinos in the early 20th century. 

How do I play craps? The basics 

Ever wondered how to play craps? The name itself gives little away of course, however craps is actually a really simple casino game to play. Something that makes craps more exciting than other casino games is the fact that you are in charge of your own destiny: rolling the dice. 

Before this, however, players have to place their bets around the table, which means craps operates in the same kind of way as roulette before a round. The bet table also looks similar, and after all gamblers have placed their bets it’s time for a dice roll. Pass bets win for rolls of 7 or 11, and lose for 2, 3 or 12. 

Things to remember when playing online craps 

You wouldn’t have thought it possible a few decades ago, but amazingly the game of craps has been able to be replicated online, and there are even live online craps options these days. Here are a few things to remember when playing online craps: 

  •         Combine bets like the pass line bet that have high odds.
  •         Remember how to take advantage of online casino deposit offers.


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